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Hi all -- Thank you to those who asked me questions!
This my second attempt at posting this -- I was getting some weird resistance from DA here, but hopefully everything is in order this time for it to work . . . !

Hope you all enjoy it!  Most answers are long-winded, cos that's ME!  <3

1. How are you? (from sparkles73)
I'm doing quite well, thanks!  How are you?  TGIF, amiright?

2. How was your 2016? (from The-Poet-Twinheart)
Hmm... 2016 was 45% strange and 55% what it should have been all year, lol.  As it is with adult life, there are many ups and downs.  Some things I enjoyed greatly, others not so much.  Pain, love, loss, gain, grief, levity -- it's all there!  A rather tumultuous year, you might say.

3. Did you have a moment you'd like to reflect on from this year? (from The-Poet-Twinheart)
Hmm... I'm not going to lie, there are a few things that haunt me from this year that I'm hoping to forget.  There were some great things too, though!  I got to meet and host BlackRoseSeduction for a week at my place and tour her around the city and Niagara Falls, which was pretty slick.  My Babygirl Luna and I celebrated our 3rd-year anniversary together by going to the zoo and looking in jewelry stores at --gulp-- engagement rings :3.  I also landed my dream job -- which I am currently at right now (but ignoring my work cos... screw it, it's Friday!)

4. What’s your favorite song / piece of music of all time? (from HofBondage)
Gosh.  This is sort of like one o' them "If you could only listen to one song forever, what would it be?" sort of deals.  I don't know if I have any ONE song that I could name... I have always loved the song "That Song" by Big Wreck.  For some reason or other, it is one that has never left my playlist over the years.  It's quality.  With that said, "piece of music" is a whole other thing!  One of my absolute favourite movie scores is (surprisingly) the one for "Meet Joe Black" by Thomas Newman.  A particularly beautiful and powerful piece from that OST is "That Next Place".  Love it.

5. What got you into drawing? (from sparkles73)
I think Kindergarten did?  Childhood in general?  I'm not entirely sure.  I always drew and coloured, as one does as a kid, but it wasn't until Grade 1 or so when I started drawing a ton and people started to remark on my drawing skills.  From Grades 2-5, I was known as "the best drawer in the school" -- A title I very much appreciated, but never again lived up to, haha.  The thing I drew the most in that period, however, were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Terminator Robots.  I guess if you draw only a few things over and over, you tend to get pretty good :P

6. How long have you been doing art? (from The-Poet-Twinheart)
Like I said in my answer above, I've always sort of drawn things and coloured ever since I was a child.  I come from a very artistic family -- probably the least talented of all my siblings, to be honest (but the only one who still does it today!)  I sort of went through waves with my artwork/drawing -- When I fatefully discovered other far-more-advanced abilities in fellow classmates in middle school, I sort of gave up on drawing for fun for a good while -- I would draw only for school projects and things, but never really for myself.  In Highschool, I started to get back into drawing for fun.  I was surprised to find that I had improved dramatically in some areas, while I regressed in others and needed to rebuild my skills there.  This carried into Unviersity where I wrote a comic for the school paper and drew tons of images for friends, mostly beginning as doodles and then building on them.  It's been pretty steady ever since, but a bit of a rarity these days with my current schedule.

7. Did you go to college? If so, what did you study? (from sparkles73)
I did -- I went to University AND College, to be honest!  I went to University right out of Highschool where I did a Double Honours Bachelor of Arts majoring in both English Literature and Communication (Media) Studies.  I primarily wanted to study film things when I was there, but did not get accepted into the film program (noting later that those I met in the program were far more "artsy" than I was, and assuming this was why).  I enjoyed my love of reading while also getting to take film classes due to my Communication Studies major.  After graduating and working for a couple years (or, well, trying to find good work...), I decided to go back to school and applied to an Advanced Television and Film program at a renowned College -- I was luckily accepted and majored in Screenwriting and Production Design.

8. Is your current career path involving art? (from The-Poet-Twinheart)
It does!  Just as I aspired to do, I work in the Film and Television biz :) -- Chances are you've seen something I've had a hand in (and if you know me well, I've bragged about something at some point, I'm sure).  It took a tremendous amount of effort to get to where I am and a lot of hardship (and working for free), but I've got myself a comfortable career now that pays me quite decently!

9. What hobbies do you have outside of art? (from RaiyukitheRed)
My biggest hobby is movies -- but an expansion of that is, I love collecting things.  My entire apartment is currently a museum of Pop Culture Collectables, Action Figures, and Blu-Rays/DVDs.  I have posters, memorabilia, even a Batman area rug!  I love all things nerdy, haha.  I don't think I've ever had anyone visit my place where they weren't in awe of the amount of (crap) I have!  It's not cluttery, though... at least, I don't think it is.  Most everything is sort of properly displayed.  

I also enjoy writing, though I do much less of it now than I used to.  I've had a film concept developing in my head for a couple years now that I really want to get moving on one of these days.  It's just finding the time!  Working 60 hours a week doesn't give you with a whole lot of free time (or motivation!)

10. What got you into diapers? (from sparkles73)
As with most of us, diapers are something that interested me for as long as I've lived.  I never realised it was a real thing -- like, that other people were into this sort of thing.  I spent a lot of my childhood sort of fantasizing about it.  There were a few girls in highschool I used to fantasize about secretly wearing diapers.  This one girl in particular had the most perfect bum, haha -- I would've paid good money to see her wear a diaper!

I went off to Unviersity and I discovered an Adult Video Clip online that featured a grown woman wearing a diaper and my mind exploded.  I stumbled into it while looking up other stuff and man, I was like, "WHAT THE HELL!?!?  THIS IS A THING!?!?!" -- So I began searching for more of it and was amazed to discover I wasn't alone in all of this!

There wasn't too much of a community back then -- some Yahoo! groups and stuff -- there were those adult sites like diapergal and adultbabysource, etc -- Which, I admit, I did get memberships to eventually (and sort of frequently on and off).

11. So what got you on to dA? (from that1guyfromschool2)
In my early days in this community, I met a girl online around that time by the name of Jenny -- On one of the Yahoo! groups -- and she and I became good friends.  She was the first girl I ever met (well, online) that admitted to enjoying diapers and wearing them.  She later became sort of infamous in the community as "DDNIXX", photoshopping diapers onto celebrities -- and she joined DA to showcase her stuff.

Because we were friends, she knew I loved to draw and constantly begged me to draw Diaper girls for her.  I always sort of refused or laughed it off cos I didn't really want any physical evidence of any of that sort of thing in my life, just in case.  I was too nervous someone would find it.  She never gave up, though, and always tried to convince me to join up and meet people, cos she had good friends on there.

I was still reluctant cos I didn't want anything to trace back to me ever.  I have a good vanilla family with lots of nieces and nephews -- and I was terrified I'd be found out and my sisters' would think I was some freak and not let me see their kids or something horrible like that... But eventually, I caved.  I said to her in a sort of off-hand remark, "If you can find FIVE people to express interest in me joining, I'll do it..." Little did I know, that sneaky girl immediately went to work appealing to her fans to "convince me" to join up.  So, I had to give in (at this point, sort of curious to try it out anyway) and I penciled up a couple ABDL images of girls in diapers and t-shirts -- and people seemed to like them.  So I joined up and began drawing :)

12. Why did you decide to draw diaper art? What was your inspiration? (from JamJarMonster)
Well, I suppose you could say it was simply my DL Fetish that inspired it to begin with.  Apart from Jenny's encouragement, I didn't (at that time) know of any really great ABDL artists (I know tons of them now, obviously).  I kind of wanted to see specific things and figured, "Well, if no one else is gonna do'em, guess I'll do it!"  -- I do admit, my imagination is far better than my abilities allow, but I am happy with what I CAN accomplish if I set my mind to it.  There's still much I need to work on and I'm always sort of studying new techniques and stuff (not as often as I'd like...).  Someday I'll be able to consider myself one of the greats like all the others!  But not yet.

To me, there is just nothing sexier than a down-to-earth gal casually relaxing in a soggy disposable diaper.  I'll never know why!  And don't get my wrong, Danika (my OC) may be out of this world (literally), but she's an incredibly down-to-earth gal under the surface!  Super relatable, relaxed, confident and chill.  You guys'd like her, if you met her ;)

13. What's your favorite diaper, and what makes it so comfortable for you? =P (from LilMisSierra)
Oh, you sweet, sweet child.  Such a forgetful Baby!  As we've had this conversation many many times now, you'll remember that only Babies like you wear diapers, not big grown ups like me!  It sure is adorable that you always assume everyone else needs protection from leaks like you do, but alas, as I said, only Babies need diapies!  
I couldn't even begin to guess what the diapers feel like these days.  From the perspective of an observer, I think the diapers that most attract my eye when worn by a gal would be the Tykables Overnights and the ABU Lavenders.  Those are just too adorable and have basically ruined the look of medical diapers for me -- I can't see why anyone would want to wear a boring plain white one when they could wear adorable ones like those!  

14. Were the Christopher Nolan Batman films REALLY more about existentialism disguised with super-heroics (as the director once suggested)? Or did they take on a new life of their own in terms of action and philosophy? (From Hadalis)
I'm really not sure.  What I do know is that the Nolan Trilogy was largely brilliant and that the first and last installments don't get the credit they're due.  I think the last one, in particular, suffered from following The Dark Knight which surprised everyone by how good it was.  Were I to still be a Film/English major in University, I could no doubt find all sorts of things to analyze about the Trilogy -- All I know is, they got a good chunk of the lore correct and gave us some of the coolest Bat-Film moments ever.  I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I'm tired -- and this sort of thing is better as a back and fourth!

15. Better science fiction drama, both from Fox way back when: SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND or FIREFLY (both lasted for only one season)? (From Hadalis)
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with "Space: Above and Beyond" -- Though I am, of course, quite versed in Firefly.  I do admit, however, that I do think its reputation is overblown -- and had the show continued, I am nearly quite sure it would have lost its spark and fallen into obscurity.  I really feel that, much like Heath Ledger's accolades involving the Dark Knight, the very fact that it ended pre-maturely is entirely why it's regarded as such a classic.  I do love all of the characters -- and once I saw the show all the way through on DVD, I appreciated the film "Serenity" all the more (I actually saw that one first and didn't understand it at all!)

16. What is the ultimate meaning of the Eagle's "Hotel California"? Don Maclean's "American Pie"? (From Hadalis)
Hotel California is a depiction of the protagonist's seduction and decent into Hell (California is hot, ya see!) -- While initially tempted by a beautiful woman and the promise of comfort and drink, he soon thereafter discovers that there is no enjoyment that can be had from the frivolities and attempts to leave, only to be stopped by the doorman who informs him that he is to remain there for eternity.  Damned, as they say!  
American Pie was Don McLean's disillusionment with the Music industry and how the American dream has died for him.  Music as he knew it, the world he believed he was apart of, had fallen apart and crashed down around him.  He believed the music industry would never be the same again.

17. You and Luna are going out dressed as a superhero couple for Halloween...but who is it? Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne (original Ant-Man and Wasp)? Clark and Lois? Hawkeye and Mockingbird? Green Arrow and Black Canary? Or someone else? (From Hadalis)
Actually, we've discussed this and what Luna wants to dress up as most is Batman and Robin, haha.  I anticipate that we'd do our own rendition of "Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns" where she plays the part of Carrie Kelly and I'd be old grizzled Bruce Wayne. I would need to bulk up a bit with a muscle suit.  

18. Which ENTERPRISE captain would you rather serve under? (From Hadalis)
I think the best and most practical Captain to work under would be Jean Luc Piccard.  Kirk would be the most fun... but I'd probably Red Shirt it up and be left for dead on some fancy planet... on the other hand, what a way to go!  I feel Piccard would have my personal well-being in mind moreso than any other Captain, though.  

19. Which is your favorite incarnation of the Question? Original Charlton Comics (drawn and written by Steve Ditko), the one by Denny O'Neil (as pictured above), or the "Countdown to Infinite Crisis" version of Vic Sage that got killed off to make way for Renee Montoya? (From Hadalis)

I'll be honest, I'm not 100% familiar with The Question.  My first real exposure to him was in the Justice League: Unlimited animated show where he was voiced most effectively by Mr. Jeffrey Combs himself!  I liked him a lot in that -- especially his little romance with Helena, aka Huntress.  I do not know him otherwise.  He was, allegedly, the inspiration behind Rorschach!  I assume you know this, but all or most of the characters in Watchmen were originally DC Comics characters, but DC refused to involve their characters in something so dark.  Blue Beetle was Nite Owl, Captain Atom was Dr. Manhattan (I originally thought it was Green Lantern), Nightshade was Silk Spectre, The Peacemaker was The Comedian, and Thunderbolt was Osymandis (I originally thought it was Superman).  Neat stuff!
Hadalis Featured By Owner Edited Nov 29, 2016
Thanks for the responses, oh Mighty Man of the North! (and yup, I knew about the Charlton Characters being bought up by DC in the 1970s....and their role in 1985's epic Alan Moore series, THE WATCHMEN). Also, I applaud Jenny in hindsight for helping to "unleash" you upon the DL world of DA! I had no idea she was such an inspiration to you. Sigh. I miss that lady. 
Elven-Dreamer Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Fun Read,(Although I admit to starting to skim near the end) You have some really interesting insights into pop culture and the media. 
HofBondage Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016
Very fun read! ^_^
Also had NO idea that Watchmen was supposed to be with DC characters. I'm pretty sure its impact would have been huge!
And I too only know the QUestion from JLU animated series, but loved him there a lot! ^_^
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