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This is amazing in so many ways --

First, that an artist as renowned and well loved within this community -- one I've been a personal fan of for a long time -- would take the time to illustrate some Fan Art of something I created is, well, super duper fantastic -- and I'm extremely honoured.

Second, the Artwork itself is brilliant. I've always been a fan of your personal style and Danika seems quite happy to be drawn in this way -- If this truly was a "quick sketch" as you call it, then you, my friend, have way more talent than we're aware of!

I love the comic-book "dither" effect you threw on this piece as well. I'm sure that's got a more official term, but I don't know it, haha -- But it lends itself well to the Classic Sci-Fi/Comic Book Feel of Danika's world and I think it's a really neat effect.

I'm a huge fan of the gun-redesign you did and, with your permission, I would love to update my Danika with your lazer design if you'll allow me. I was never particularly satisfied with my quick design and always wanted to upgrade it -- your design is perfect for that! If not, that's totally fair.

I'm incredibly humbled and honoured by this piece, thank you very much!
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Pink-Diapers Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
Thank you so much for such an amazing critique.  It means a lot to me that your happy with the piece.  Your an amazing artist yourself and I'm very fond of your character design.  Danika is simply too much fun not to draw, I couldn't help myself.

Please feel free to take any aspect of my work and incorporate it into the amazing art you do.   It would be an honor.

Thanks so much again.  :)
DLTOArt Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're most welcome -- It humbles me that all of you fine artists, who I admired from afar for several years before trying my hand at this -- are so open and welcoming.  It's been a thrill to see people embrace Danika and see how she flies under someone else's guidance :D -- I started work on tweaking and updating her suit recently and hope to get back to it soon -- I will also be adding in your elegant redesign of Danika's gun so that she's fully upgraded!  Thanks again for the beautiful piece, I am most happy to cherish it forever ^^
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